Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Finding The Perfect Outdoor Heater

By Michelle Bery

There’s something to the ability to sit outdoors no matter what the weather and enjoy the seasons year round. For homeowners worldwide, their outdoor space –typically used seasonally – can now be elevated to a year round enjoyment; a place where families can gather much like an extended living room. The advent of the outdoor heater has allowed us to enjoy the area outside our front or back door with little consideration of the weather; and, in so doing, has expanded our living space that much more.

An outdoor heater – like any other part of the home – is chosen based on taste and budgetary considerations. There are a great many varieties of outdoor heaters and they can be found as close as your nearest home and garden store or large retail home improvement store. An in-ground heater is similar to a fire pit and is a more rustic source of heat. If you choose to keep your outdoor heater aligned with natural surroundings, a heater of this nature may meet your needs.

A stand-alone outdoor heater comes in a variety of shapes and colors and can be an attractive and convenient way to make your outdoor space comfortable and habitable regardless of the weather. The pot-bellied stand-alone outdoor heater has grown in popularity as of late; they have a Southwest feel and mimic the look of a wood burning stove. Wood and fuel is loaded into the front of the heater and smoke and heat emerges from the top.

With the use of the fire pit outdoor heater, wood is used to create fire. For stand-alone units, there are a variety of options for creating heat. Wood, charcoal, or even smokeless fuel can create heat and warmth in your outdoor space. The fuel options are largely distinguished by price.

Regardless of what outdoor heater you choose to heat your space, you’ll be delighted to find that weather no longer hinders your enjoyment of the great outdoors. You can gather with your family on cold winter nights, enjoy hot chocolate, and look at the stars in comfort warmed by your outdoor heater.

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