Monday, September 10, 2007

Are You With the One You Love?

I was reading a chap blogger's posting the other twenty-four hours and it really really got me thinking. The article was based on the film Serendipity, a romanticist comedy. The plot line travels that two complete aliens run into each other and chemical science hits them like an atomic bomb but fate took over, they parted, went their individual ways back to their several partners. 5 old age ahead, both are about to acquire married, but they still have got got got each other on their mind!

I have been there before…

Ok, although nearly not as dramatic, I have been in a place where I still harbored ideas about person else while I was in a relationship. Not everyone can confess to that, and most maintain it within ourselves, but I can almost think that most of us dwell with "what-ifs" in mention to a love, lecherousness or memory we just can't erase. I didn't beat nor did I take stairway to advance an affair, but I secretly did clasp the torch for a very long clip and occasionally wondered, what if.

I was talking to my BFF and she told me about her tally in with her ex and his new biddy (a arch term we utilize on all ex-husbands new "friend"). She confessed that she still believes of him occasionally but could never see herself marrying him…ever. Funny isn't it how some loves and lovers lodge with us and go forth such as a deep grade in our lives. Who cognizes what will ever go on if we make up one's mind to take the plunge. I cognize one such as a friend who was in a fantastic relationship, but chose to prosecute the adult male of her dreams. She told me that she couldn't acquire dreamboat out of her head and she would repent her life if she never tried. It was a disaster! She lost both of them, along with the human relationship and friendship.

Some similar her are audacious adequate to try, but I doubt I'll be willing to destroy a good thing by caving in to temptation. Then again, who knows. After all, I make still throw the torch for that person…

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